Mr. S. Thondaman, the minister of Livestock Development and Estate Infrastructure has said ," it is I who decide which party governs this country, though the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party are the main political parties in the country. I derived this power by serving the estate workers in the upcountry through non violent means and by giving them true leadership" , at a meeting held at the Adawatte estate in Lunugala to mark the opening of a library.

This is not news to anybody and Mr. Thondaman has said something that anybody interested in Sri Lankan politics had known for sometime. Only Mr. Thondaman can get elected on the UNP ticket and serve as a minister in a PA government, while rest of the MPs elected from his party sit on the opposition. This state of affairs only shows that the Sinhala people have still not understood the precarious position that they are in. At the elections they are more worried about their economic and other day to day problems. It is unfortunate that no Sinhala leader has emerged who could unite the nation to fight against all forms of non national forces.