Prabhakaran in his speech made on the so called heroes' day in Vanniya,contrary to the NGO's and the Tamil racist parties, has not offered any peace. He has confirmed that what he wants is a piece of the country.

However his speech has been written by somebody to give the impression, with the interpretations supplied by the NGO's and the Tamil racist parties, that he is prepared to give up Eelam. Perhaps there was some international conspiracy to drag the government to the negotiating table. For the last few months various groups have been trying to influence the government to negotiate with the LTTE.The British , the big business community, the Bishop of Mannar, the leader of the UNP, Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe who is after the Tamil votes, and the NGO lobby have been doing what ever they can, to take steps to start discussions between the government and the LTTE.

The LTTE in turn has contributed its share to these 'peace initiatives'. Some soldiers and others held by the LTTE including the captain of the ship 'Irish Mona' were released and it was interpreted as a green light for peace. What Prabhakaran has in his mind is probably dicussions in order to get certain items of goods for the LTTE cadres. As in 1995 he would have wanted to get these items from the government and then abandon the so called peace talks. Probably he wanted to cheat his sponsors as well who are now applying pressure on him to start negotiations with the government. These sponsors want Prabhakaran to arrive at a confederation, which is de facto Eelam, through negotiations.Prabhakaran is not happy with discussions and he would not be satisfied unless he is given Eelam on a platter.