The Supreme Court has determined that the Provincial Council Elections (Special Provisions) Bill, which was introduced by the government is inconsistent with the constitution. The bill was introduced in order to enable the commissioner of elections to fix new dates for elections for Western, Uva, Sabaragamuwa,Central and North Central Provincial councils.

The Bill also intended to give authority to the secretaries of the recognised political parties or leaders of the independent groups which have already given nominations to the above provincial councils to substitute names for any name that appeared in the respective nomination papers.

The government's intention to get the commissioner of elections to do the dirty work for them has been defeated. The government does not have much confidence to win these elections.

From the statements made by Ms. Kumaratunga it appears that she was against postponing the elections but some very important people in the government have advised her not to have the elections. Who ever advised her to postpone the elections have advised against the interests of the P.A.