The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) at the politburo meeting held on November 23 has decided to contest all future elections on its own. This means that the SLMC will field candidates against both the UNP and the PA.

The SLMC is part of the PA government but not a member of the PA unlike the LSSP or the CP. Strictly speaking it is not a PA government but a PA-SLMC government. Whatever the subtle differences between a PA government and a PA-SLMC-Thondaman government the decision by the SLMC to contest alone is a turning point in the SLFP led government. It is an indication of what is in store and the attitude of the parties representing the Muslims and the Tamils.

With the TULF voting against the budget this year it is quite clear that these parties are now gradually moving towards the UNP. The UNP in turn will give more and more concessions to them in order to win their support at the next elections.