Mr. Kumar Ponnambalam, the general secretary of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress, appearing on the 'Rathu Ira' programme of the Swarnawahini Television on Tuesday the 17th said that he did not want to go to Yapanaya as he did not intend to obtain a license from the enemy Sinhala government to go hone. Of course he did not admit that he like most of the other so-called Tamil leaders are not in a position to step on the Yapanaya soil for the fear of their lives. Mr. Ponnambalam however has a license from the enemy Sinhala government to drive his fleet of Benz cars in Kolomba!

His only argument in favour of the Tamil homeland theory was that during the troubles in 1956, 1977, 1983 etc.,the Tamils were sent to the eastern and the northern provinces by the respective governments. He misrepresented the facts by saying that the people were sent to those provinces when in fact the governments only assisted them to go to the places of their choice. In any case by the same logic since many Tamils including their leaders went to Madras in 1983, Tamil Nadu could also be considered as a Tamil homeland of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Mr. Ponnambalam, of course, never left Kolomba, which means that either he has no homeland or Kolomba is his homeland.