Minister Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar participating in a Rupavahini programme said that the LTTE is active in South Africa and would want to have its official headquarters in that country. Mr. Kadirgamar said further that the Sri Lankan government has alerted the government of Srilanka on the latest LTTE activities in South Africa.

As has been the case the Sri Lankan government is not doing much. There is no propaganda machinery to inform of the other governments of the LTTE activities. The government is yet to define what this ethnic problem is and still the President talks of the Tamil grievances. When the government itself admits that there are problems for the Tamils when in fact there are no problems the other governments will act more favourably to the LTTE which is really a terrorist organisation.

The government has to tell the world that the Tamils have no problems as such and a terrorist group is fighting to divide the country. It is different from Mandela's organisation. It is not a democratic organisation and has killed innocent civilians both Sinhala and Tamil. In Sri Lanka similar to what was before in South Africa a minority dominates the majority. It is not late even at this stage for the government to set up a propaganda unit to counteract the misinformation supplied by the LTTE and the Tamil racists.