LTTE KILLED 4000 TAMILS (98 Nov 04)

Some of the Tamil racist parties like PLOTE, EPDP are going meet the President Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga next week. Their main concern is the activities of the LTTE.

It is admitted by these parties that during the time LTTE was in 'control' in the Yapanaya district about 4000 thousand Tamil civilians have been killed by the LTTE. This shows that the LTTE has no respect for the lives of the people whether they are Sinhala or Tamil. They are after power and to achieve their end they will do anything including killing Tamils whom they claim that they represent.

The Tamil parties when they meet the President will most probably place these facts before her. However the other Tamil racist parties do not directly challenge the LTTE and request for the annihilation of the LTTE. The government which always say that the Tamils have grievances also do not take effective measures to wipe out the LTTE.