Mr. Derek Fatchett is scheduled to arrive in Kolomba next month supposedly in connection with the 50th anniversary of Sri Lanka's independence.Mr. Fatchett succeeded Dr. Liam Fox as the under secretary in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It is very clear that in addition to participating in certain events in connection with the 50th anniversary of independence Mr. Fatchett will be involved with discussions on the Fox agreement on negotiations with the LTTE. The Fox agreement, which was accepted by both the government and the opposition, laid down certain conditions on the procedure that should be adopted in connection with negotiations with the LTTE.

Britain and the other foreign and non national lobby is working towards a bipartisan approach to the Tamil racist problem. They want the UNP and the PA to come together to adopt a common policy to solve the so-called ethnic problem.The Fox agreement was also formulated along these lines. Mr. Fatchett will try very hard to get the Fox agreement implemented.

Last week when a delegation of the big business community met the leader of the opposition after the all party conference convened by the former Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe has emphasised that the government should implement the Fox agreement. The big business community is also in effect trying to bring the UNP and the PA together, not to defeat the LTTE, but to devolve more and more power to the Tamil racists. The visit of Mr. Fatchett will only strengthen the hands of the NGO and the non national lobby which supports Tamil racism.