The so called administrative service of the LTTE, in a letter sent to all the courts in the Yapanaya peninsula has ordered their closure with immediate effect. The courts in the peninsula are not functioning since 13th of October.

Mr. M. Thirunavakarasu, the high court judge in Mallagama has received the order at about 12.30 p.m. on the 13th. The district courts in Peduruthuduwa, Yapanaya and Chavakachcheri are also not functioning.

Meanwhile the members of the local government bodies in the peninsula have written to the foreign ambassadors in Kolomba requesting them to pressurise their respective governments to apply pressure to the LTTE to allow them to function in their capacities as elected members. It is ridiculous for them to write to the ambassadors to solve a problem which was created and maintained by some of the countries represented by the latter. If they are genuine they should give their fullest cooperation to the armed forces to defeat the LTTE which has no respect even for the democratic rights of the Tamils.