The Carter Centre for Conflict Resolution, according to "The Island" of September 29 has shown an interest in studying the Tamil racist problem in Sri Lanka. It appears that Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe who is at present in the USA was to meet senior officials of the centre on Monday the 28th.

Mr. Wikremesinghe was scheduled to meet Mr. Gerry Usrey, the director of the South East Asia desk in the USA state department before he discussed with the officials of the Carter centre. Early this month Mr. Wickremesinghe met with Mr. George Pickart, the senior advisor to the South Asia Bureau, in Kolomba.

This is not the first time that foreign organisations have taken an interest in the Tamil racist problem in Sri Lanka. However the Carter centre had not shown an interest before and we are concerned of the fact that the leader of the opposition is also involved in discussions.These foreign organisations always come and meet the same people in Kolomba and they have already formed their opinions. For example they start with the assumption that there is an ethnic problem in Sri Lanka and that the Tamils have grievances.

The leader of the opposition has to be told that we do not want these centres to 'study' the so called ethnic problem. If Mr. Wickremesinghe does not know what the problem is, then all he has to do is to meet knowledgeable people in Sri Lanka, who are not Tamil racists or their sympathisers.