The Tamil United Left Front (TULF) is to suspend its participation in the Yapanaya Municipal Council administration following the murder of the mayor Mr. Pon Sivapalan. According to Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam, one of the architects of the G. L.- Neelan political package, The TULF "cannot afford to lose people like this".( The Sunday Leader of September 20). Dr. Thiruchelvam has further said that they have still not taken a firm decision on this but that is all that they could do. According to him the deputy mayor Mr. P. Raviraj will continue to remain in the post but will function from Kolomba.

The TULF is responsible for the creation of the LTTE. The Sansoni commission report describes how people like Mr. Amirthalingam incited the Tamil Youth in the seventies. The TULF brainwashed the youth with imagined Tamil problems, mythical history and wanted them ( the youth) to liberate the Tamil Eelam from the Sinhala imperialists. The irony is that the TULF leadership now has to operate from Kolomba with the assistance of the army of the Sinhala imperialists.It is up to the TULF leadership first to realise the blunders that they have made, accept that the Sinhala people are the majority and it is they who built a unique culture in this country and then advice the LTTE to lay down arms and to learn to live with Sinhala people( No Talks, No Parallels ).