The EPRLF has told the so-called all party conference convened by the UNP on the 14th of September, that the "Sinhala parties" are violating the democratic rights of the Tamils by not holding elections to the provincial council for the Eastern and the Northern provinces. The "All Party Conference" convened to discuss free and fair elections,an independent police commission and other democratic rights was not attended by many political parties and organisations. The Lalith front, Tamil racist parties and some NGO's attended the conference.

The EPRLF has forgotten the recent history. At the last elections to the relevant provincial council EPRLF obtained a majority, and Mr. Vardharaja Perumal was elected the chief minister. However soon after he declared Eelam unilaterally and as a result the provincial council was dissolved. Mr. Perumal himself went over to India.

On the other hand, this year elections were held to many pradeshiya sabhas and the Yapanaya municipality. The pradeshiya sabhas are not functioning and the Yapanaya municipal council is not allowed to function by the LTTE.The EPRLF should first tell the LTTE not to violate the democratic rights of the Tamils.