The political wing leader of the LTTE Thamilchelvam in a special interview given to the"The Sunday Leader", apparently in the jungles of Vanniya, has said that it is the LTTE that decides on the duration of the so-called war.He has only overestimated the strength of the LTTE. The LTTE which has the sympathy of the western powers can go on until they have the tacit approval of these powers or until they are defeated by the Sri Lankan armed forces.

The westerners and the other Tamil racist parties need the LTTE for the time being in order to get more power devolved to the Eastern and the Northern provinces.Their strategy is to point the finger at the LTTE and tell the government" look the LTTE is demanding an Eelam. If you give us a federal state with the right to self determination, which includes the right to secede, then the LTTE will become ineffective. Otherwise the LTTE will establish a separate state".They would not tell the government that a federal state is only a stepping stone to Eelam.

The most hilarious part of the interview is Thamilchelvam's reference to the Sinhala people. He says, "How much has the Sinhala voter been deceived throughout history. Have not these two main political parties robbed the votes of the Sinhala masses by holding out false promises to them?Please convey this message to my brotherly Sinhala masses. Please ask them to identify this problem well. Those who join the army are our own Sinhala brethren, they are innocent Sinhala youth from the remote villages. Why should they be offered as prey in this war?"

It is true that the main political parties have deceived the Sinhala people.But that is a different matter altogether. Thamilchelvam is very much concerned with the innocent Sinhala people. The interviewer has failed to ask Thamilchelvam a very important question. Why is the LTTE killing innocent brotherly Sinhala people? How did the interviewer forget Arantalawa, Sri Maha Bodhiya, Dalada Maligawa massacres and numerous bomb attacks in Kolomba?