Britain is again interfering with Sri Lankan politics. The British who created the present problem by baptising and nurturing Tamil racism in Sri Lanka has throughout worked against the Sinhala people. They are still allowing the LTTE to carry on their activities in the UK claiming that the LTTE has acted in contrary to the law in their country. Only last year Mr. Fox, the then under secretary for foreign affairs tried to start negotiations with the LTTE . For this purpose he was able to get the leader of the opposition Mr. Wickremesinghe and the President to agree on certain procedural matters.

Prof. Thomas Fraser of the Department of History and Political Science in the University of Ulster and Ms. Annie Fraser of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition who are supposed to have played key roles in formulating the Northern Ireland Peace agreement are currently in Kolomba. They would be the guest speakers at a workshop to be held at the Villa Ocean Hotel on Saturday the fifth. The workshop has been organised by the National Integration Project Unit of the Ministry of Justice in alliance with the International Centre for Ethnic Studies headed by Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF).

British High Commissioner Mr. David Tatham is scheduled to participate at the workshop while the minister of Justice Dr. G. L. Peiris will deliver the key note address.The list of invitees for the workshop, according to "The Island", includes representatives of political parties, academics, journalists and non governmental organisations.

All the ingredients are there for another attempt by Britain to drag the government into talks with the LTTE. As Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe has supported unconditional talks with the LTTE (Ranil For Discussions), the British, and the architects of the G. L. - Neelan package are trying to force the government to start negotiations with the LTTE.

The Northern Ireland problem is quite different from the Tamil racist problem in Sri Lanka. The Frasers and the other so called experts are only good at repeating what they have been told by the British Foreign office, the High Commission and the G. L. - Neelan gang of anti Sinhala English educated elite in Kolomba. The Sinhala people can see through these "peace attempts" which are nothing but mechanisms to introduce a federal constitution which paves way for Eelam.