According to the Hindu newspaper in India the LTTE has written to the South African President , Mr. Nelson Mandela , in his capacity as the chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) " to impress upon the Government of Sri Lanka to abandon its aggressive military policy and seek a negotiated settlement based on the principles enunciated at the Thimpu talks." The heads of states of the countries belonging to the NAM are meeting currently in South Africa.

In the letter written by the 'political committee the LTTE has justified its right for self determination stating that "originally the principle of self determination , was applied specifically to people under colonial domination, in contemporary times the principle has broader application in that it incorporates people facing various modes of oppression. "

The 'Hindu' also said that according to unconfirmed reports the LTTE is in the process of shifting their international headquarters to South Africa from London.

The principle of self determination is not applicable to the Tamils in Sri Lanka. They are not living in a colony of an imperial power.The Tamils are not facing any oppression in Sri Lanka. It is the LTTE which is responsible for the suffering of the Tamils by continuing their fight against the Sri Lankan government demanding a separate state.In any case the Sri Lankan government refused to accept the so called principle of self determination at the Thimpu talks. Mr. Mandela will be only tarnishing his image if he allows this murderous gang to have their headquarters in South Africa.