An army captain and his driver were shot while they were traveling in an army vehicle near Dickman's Road on Tuesday the twenty fifth. Captain Sanjeewa Wickremeratne was critically injured and was admitted the accident service unit of the Kolomba national hospital. The driver was also injured and received medical treatment.

An LTTE member has been arrested after the incident. The police describes him as an electronics engineering student of the Open University at Nawala and a resident of Kalubowila. The search of his house has led to the recovery of of materials used in the manufacture of bombs. The suspect had tried to escape in a three wheeler but had been captured by the police. However his accomplish had managed to escape after the shooting.

This incident clearly demonstrates that the LTTE pistol gang which killed the Yapanaya mayoress is operating in Kolomba.The government has no alternative but to defeat the LTTE . Any attempt to restart negotiations with the LTTE will be a blunder which will lead to more killings by the terrorists whom the BBC still refer to as separatists.

The LTTE and the other Tamil racist parties tell the world that the Tamils are discriminated in Sri Lanka. But it so happens that the person who was arrested in this regard was an engineering student at one of the universities who would have had his entire education at the expense of the so called Sinhala state!