The President Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga said in an interview with Mr. K. J. M. Varma, a foreign journalist that she would accept a third party facilitator to negotiate with the LTTE. She has said that she is prepared to talk even tomorrow if the LTTE agrees to give up the demand for a separate state.

However the question is that the LTTE has laid down certain unnegotiable conditions, such as the Tamil homeland, Tamils are a separate nation, Self-determination of the Tamils. Is the President willing to agree to them as well? These conditions amount to Eelam and there should not be any talks with the LTTE.

Talks with the LTTE will only betray the heroic army which is fighting to defeat terrorism.They have sacrificed their lives for a unitary state. Talks with the LTTE or any other Tamil racist party which clings to the so called unnegotiable conditions, will end up in a federal constitution for the country, or in a confederation of two states. LTTE is prepared to drop the Eelam only if they are offered a confederation. But a confederation is an Eelam in disguise.