The "Divaina" on Tuesday the twenty eighth said that according to reliable sources, Lawrence Thilagar and Murali who were the LTTE international spokesmen in France and Switzerland respectively are in LTTE custody in Vanniya. The "Divaina" sources mention that these two were taken into custody in France and Switzerland and then taken in a ship belonging to the LTTE to Sri Lanka. They have been brought to Vanniya through Mulathiv, according the sources.

Two of the charges against Lawrence Thilagar and Murali are misappropriation of LTTE funds and killing of Perimbanathan who was the financial secretary of the LTTE and another LTTE member, in Paris.

According to the same sources Thilagar and Murali will be brought before Prabhakaran, who will decide their fate.

This is not the first tine that LTTE leaders were arrested by Prabhakaran’s police. The most significant arrest was that of Mahaththya who was second only to Prabhakaran in the LTTE hierarchy. Mahaththya was subsequently killed by the LTTE.

We do not know whether Thilagar and Murali were involved with the murder of Perimbanathan. However, one thing is clear. Prabhakaran will not only not tolerate any leadership other than the LTTE, but within the LTTE itself, will not allow even a second string of leadership.