Mr. S. Thondaman has said that two companies in India are willing to help to develop Sita Eliya if it is declared a Hindu sacred city by the government. According to mythology Sita was hidden in Sita Eliya by Ravana. Sita, the wife of Rama is worshipped by the Hindus and now Mr. Thondaman wants Sita Eliya to be made a sacred city.

We are not against, in general, in having sacred Hindu sacred cities in Sri Lanka. However when such cities are to be established with ulterior motives based on mythology these moves have to be opposed. Lanka of Ramayanaya has not been identified as Sri Lanka. Lanka means an island and there are so many islands in the Indian ocean that could be the Lanka of Ramayanaya. Prof., Abhaya Ariyasinghe who was the Professor of Archaeology at the University of Kelaniya categorically states that Lanka of Ramayanaya is not Sri Lanka as Ramayanaya refers to Sri Lanka as the Heladiva.

Mr. Thondaman, of course, has a different agenda. He wants to make sure that his intended Malayanadu in the hill country is a Hindu raj. He probably thinks his claim for a Malayanadu will be strengthened with a Hindu sacred city in Sita Eliya.