The part one of the final report of the Sinhala Commission was presented to the public on Tuesday the twenty first at the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress hall. On Saturday it was presented to the Dalada Wahanse and the Ven. Mahanayake Theros in Mahanuwara.

The commission has recommended the abrogation of the Indo Sri Lanka Accord and the repeal of the thirteenth amendment to the constitution, which established the provincial councils. The Sinhala Commission has called upon the people not to vote for any part that enters into an alliance with the CWC of Mr. Thondaman.

The report also calls upon the British government to make amends and apologise to the Sinhala people and pay substantial compensation, for among other things, breaking an international treaty (1815 Udarata Convention), conducting campaigns of genocide against the Udarata Sinhala people, expropriating and grabbing without compensation the ancestral lands of the Udarata Sinhala people, and bringing in and settling an alien people (South Indian labour) in the lands expropriated