The Sinhala Commission appointed by the National Joint Committee(NJC) to go into the injustices caused to the Sinhala people will present the part one of its final report to the public at a meeting to be held in Kolomba on the twenty first of July. The Commission will go to Mahanuwara on the eighteenth to present the report to the Dantha Dhatun Vahanse and the Ven. Mahanayake Theros.

However there is still no political movement (not necessarily a political party) which represents the interests of the Sinhala people. Many attempts by concerned Rev. Bhikkus and others to put forward common lists at the provincial council elections under the leadership of Mr. Dinesh Gunawardhane failed due to the sectarian attitudes and personal interests of some. At the final count four groups that are supposed to represent the Sinhala people have filed in their nomination papers.

The national joint committee itself has suspended with effect from September last year, the memberships of Rev. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero and Dr. Nalin de Silva who were instrumental in forming the NJC and appointing the Sinhala commission. So far not even a charge sheet has been issued to either of them. In fact they have not been informed officially about the suspension. It is very clear that people with vested interests who have got into these organisations are acting against the unity of the Sinhala people.