According to the minister S. Thondaman, Prabhakaran has some sort of divine guidance and some sort of divine power. Mr. Thondaman has said this in an interview with the Sunday Times, in replying to the question "so you still advocate dialogue with the LTTE despite their attacks on the Dalada Maligawa and other places?" His answer is as follows:

"The TULF failed in having a dialogue and carrying on the Eelam campaign as promised. So now the LTTE have dedicated itself to achieve Eelam. In this context, a dialogue with the LTTE is a must. Otherwise tell me what is the alternative? Unlike the TULF, the LTTE has sustained for some twelve years its vision of Eelam for the Tamil people. I think Velupillai Prabhakaran has some sort of divine guidance and some sort of divine power to continue for so long despite the army offensive."

This clearly shows the attitude of Mr. Thondaman. It must be some divine guidance that has directed Prabhakaran to attack the Dalada Maligawa. It also reveals that the TULF is also for an Eelam. However they have failed in their attempt and now the LTTE is fighting for Eelam. Chelvanayakam has been a political uncle of Prabhakaran as we have argued on so many occasions.

Mr. Thondaman has asked, "what is the alternative to talks with the LTTE?" Well Mr. Thondaman, the alternative is to annihilate the LTTE. This is something that can be done. It is people like Thondaman, the western powers and the power hungry Sinhala politicians who keep Prabhakaran going,  not any divine power.