The JVP has also opposed the postponement of the provincial council (PC) elections. While the government is still thinking of a way to postpone the PC elections, the JVP has come out with press releases and posters defending the people’s right to vote.

IT may appear as a very democratic step by the JVP to stand up for the franchise of the people. But those who have not forgotten the past know how this very same JVP denied this right of the people at gunpoint. People were not allowed to go to the polling booths and those who did not take notice of the threats of the JVP were killed.

One might say that, it belongs to the past and that the JVP has reformed now. Nothing can be further from the truth. The JVP refuses to admit that they have erred in the past. They are very adamant in not making any confession. In fact they defend their past actions by saying that certain things done under war situations cannot be found fault with.

The JVP, one of the most opportunistic political parties in the country will change their policies at the drop of a hat. Until recently they claimed to be very patriotic and pretended to be with the nationalistic forces, but now they have joined hands with none other than Dr. Vickramabahu Karunarathne, the leader of the NSSP, who is more Tamil racist than most of the Tamil politicians.