Articles appearing in the following Journals are cited in this bibliography and will be monitored in to the future to update it periodically.

  • Ceylon Journal of Child Health CJC (Annually)

  • Ceylon Medical Journal CMJ (Quarterly)

  • General Dental Practitioner GDP (Annually)

  • Jaffna Medical Journal JMJ (Bi-Annually)

  • Journal of the Ceylon College of Physicians JCCP (Annually)

  • Journal of the Medical Research Institute of Sri Lanka JMRI (Annually)

  • Journal of the National Science Council of Sri Lanka JNSCSL(Quarterly)

  • Journal of the Ruhunu Clinical Society RMJ (Annually)

  • Kandy Medical Journal KMJ (Bi-Annually)

  • Sri Lanka Dental Journal SLDJ (Annually)

  • Sri Lanka Family Physicians SLFP (Annually)

  • Sri Lanka Journal of Medical Science SLJMS (Annually)

  • Sri Lanka Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology SLJOG (Annually)

  • Sri Lanka Journal of Pathology SLJP (Annually)

  • Sri Lanka Journal of Surgery SLJS (Annually)

  • Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology SLJA (Annually)

  • The Ceylon Journal of Medical Science CJMS (Bi-Annually)

  • The General Dental Practitioner GDP (Annually)

  • The Journal of the College of Dentistry and Stomatology of Sri Lanka (Annually)

  • Transactions of the Ophthalmological Society of Ceylon TOSC (Annually)

Articles which appeared in the following Journals which have ceased publication are also included in this bibliography.

  • Ceylon Medical Journal (Old Series)CMJ

  • Ceylon Journal of Science (Section D-Medical Sciences) CJS(D)

  • Ceylon Journal of Surgery CJS

  • Journal of Ceylon College of Obstetritians and Gynaecologists JCCOG

  • Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the Association of Obstetritians and Gynaecologists of Ceylon JOGAOGC

  • Journal of the Ceylon Branch of The British Medical Association JCBBMA

  • Journal of the Ceylon Obstetrical and Gynaecological Association JCOGA

  • Journal of the Children's Hospital Colombo JCH

  • (Lady Ridgeway Hospital For Children)

  • Journal of the Clinical Society of General Hospital Colombo JCSGHC

  • Journal of the College of Anesthesiologists of Sri Lanka JCAS

  • Journal of the Colombo General Hospital JCGH

  • Journal of the Jaffna Clinical Society (Old Series and New Series)JJCS

  • Transcations of the Ceylon College of Physicians TCCP