by Dr. Tilak S. Fernando from London

The sudden and shocking news of the untimely death of Victor Jaynanetti in London, the publisher and editor of Voice of Lanka newspaper, was conveyed to me in Colombo by my friend and fellow journalist Reggie Fernando. I was saddened and shocked with numbness immediately after hearing such news, which came as a bolt from the blue, because Victor's passing away at such a prolific age was not acceptable to me, any of his friends or to anyone who knew him closely and personally. When I left London in January he seemed quite strong and physically fit. As a human being and a Buddhist I could reconcile to the inevitable death we all have to face one day, but in Victor's case there was no urgency to answer the call from above so soon.

Victor came to journalism as a photo journalist many moons ago, attached to the Lake House, covering a down south area before migrating to the UK. In London he embarked in the publication of a monthly English tabloid , Voice of Lanka, following the footsteps of the leading weekly Sri Lankan newspaper Newslanka. Victor Jayanetti executed this function quite bravely amidst all odds for over a decade. Very recently he managed to link his newspaper to the world wide web under

I had the privilege of meeting Victor Jayanetti some years ago at a press conference held at the Sri Lanka High Commission in London on an official level as a journalist when he represented his own newspaper, Voice of Lanka. Ever since we became close buddies..

Victor was a kind and a quiet man with exceptional courage and strength who did not show any malice or signs of jealousy. He had a score of future plans for his family, Voice of Lanka and many other business projects which were seemingly taking root for the mutual benefit of his fellow Sri Lankans living in the UK., but who would have thought that he was going to bid good bye to all of us quite unexpectedly?

Victor's demise will not simply end like a mid morning dream or a few letters written on sand, but his name and fond memories about him will certainly remain indelibly within us very close to our hearts .

I take this opportunity to send my sincere condolences through this column to his dear wife and the two children from Colombo.

May he attain Nibbana.