Medical Neglect in UK Hospital kills Sri Lankan Anaesthetist
by Tilak S. Fernando in London

The medical men and women normally stand out as the crème of any society who can be called as ' God' in human form because unlike butchers who use the knife to kill, surgeons use their scalpel in an entirely different manner to cut and give life to fellow humans who are suffering and ailing from various physical conditions.

Doctors are governed by a strict code of professional ethics and the ordinary man or woman enters hospitals with implicit faith in these so called curators. But what if the medical persons or hospitals which employ such professionals break the trust the public place upon them? How will it sound if a fellow doctor colleague who works in the same hospital falls victim and dies due to medical neglect ? Then not only the whole hospital and the health service become a liability but starts stinking to high heaven and disrepute.

This is exactly what happened to Sri Lankan doctor Dr.Sandhya Senanayake in London, when she underwent a Caesarean operation at the Basildon General Hospital in Essex where she herself worked as an Anaesthetist!

Dr.Sandhya Senanayake suffered a major haemorrhaging hours after her babies were born and she was rushed back into surgery for an emergency operation where she suffered cardiac arrest and died.

Chelmsford coroner, Caroline Beasley-Murrey, went on record with the verdict of ‘Medical misadventure to which neglect contributed’. “ This was an appallingly tragic death., I cannot believe the hospital’s inadequacy’, she commented.

Apparently Dr. Sandhaya Senanayake became aware that she was losing control of her life just before she passed away and her last words to her husband, Ranjan Suraweera has been, “I am going to die, please look after my babies.’ According to a statement issued by her husband she had become pregnant with twins after years of trying to have a baby using IVF ( In Vitro Fertilisation)

A spokesman at Basildon General Hospital has issued a statement stating that the Hospital Authorities would consider the coroner’s comments very seriously. However, this highlights another sad incident focusing on the declining standards by employing junior doctors in the National Health Service. Some believe that accidents of this nature can take place only due to the lack of senior professionals who have been migrating to other countries not seeking financial rewards but by becoming frustrated themselves having to work in a National Health Service which has been receiving a lot of sledge hammer blows from the public as well as the General Medical Council from time to time.