by Tilak S. Fernando in London

Wimal Alahakoon, who entered the Sri Lanka teledrama scene on a fast lane, not so long ago, left London on Monday 25 November to partake in the Sumathi Annual Film Festival as a nominee. The awards ceremony, which is one of the most celebrated events in Sri Lanka, will be held at the Bandaranaike Memorial Hall, Colombo, on 30th November 2002 for the 7th consecutive year.

Wimal has been nominated for ‘The ‘Best Talent Merit Award’ for the character he played as Dr. Niranjan Gunasekerea in Sriyani Amarasena’s second London production ‘Hemanthe Wasanthayak’, which always maintained its rating within the first ten popular teledramas and soon elevated to No. 1 position. Hemanthe Wasanthayak was later screened for the viewing pleasure of the Sri Lankan expatriate communities all over the world.

This year Sumathi Awards will cover 40 entries from various categories including Teledrama, Documentaries, TV Commercials etc., submitted by Rupavahini, ITN, Swarnavahnini, Sirasa & TNL. An independent panel of judges will pronounce all entries.

Wimal Alahakoon is the only artiste, out of the Sri Lanka expatriate communities all over the world, so far listed for such a coveted award in the field of teledrama. It certainly is a feather in his cap to have been nominated from his second TV appearance.

Sriyani Amarasena introduced him to the world of Sri Lankan teledrama in her first London production, Ira Bata Tharuwa. Wimal will appear again on Sri Lankan TV soon in Paradesaya (Paradise), filmed on location in London in which he will be seen actively engaged in a public relations job as the first secretary of the Sri Lanka High Commission in London.