(1886 - 1895)

1886 November 1st  
By far the most memorable day for Ananda College,  Buddhist English School began on this day at No 61, Maliban veediya, C.W Ledbeater became the first principal of the college.

1889 January 16th
The first prize giving was held under the patronage of Col. H.Olcott.

1889 August   
Buddhist English SchoolÓ  was shifted to more spacious, Kumara veediya.

Mr E.A Bulljans took over as the new principal of the school. Mr. Chittachi was the acting principal for a while, before Mr. Bulljans took over.

1890 March 1st
The school was shifted again from Kumara veediya, and was relocated at No 54 Maliban veediya. The reason for this was the growing pressure from the surrounding Catholic school.

1890 October 
The second prize giving was held on this month under the patronage of Col. H.Olcott

1892 September  
he number students have grown from 37 to 200. A special school holiday was declared on this month to mark this occasion

1894 January 18th
A 3 ½ acre land from the Paranawadiya in Maradana was donated for the school by Mudalidu Tudor Rajapakse.

1895 August 17th
Buddhist English School was permanently relocated at Maradana, and the school was renamed as Ananda College

(1907 - 1919)

1907 January 17th
The demise of Col. Henry Steel Olcott

1909 March
Mr. D.B Jayathilake took over as the principal of Ananda College

1910 April 15
Irish nationalist M.U.Moover took over as the principal, during his period a two-storey building was constructed

1914 January 30th
Fritz Kunz became the5th principal of Ananda on this day.

1915 August
The first primary classes began on this month, under the guidance of the Mrs. H.Gasulik

1916 November 24th
The first laboratory, Wilson Dias memorial Laboratory was ceremonially opened.

1918 January 1st
P. de S Kularatne took over the college as principal. 

A new English medium education system for Buddhist monks began this year.

(1920 - 1942)

1920 December
Ananda College got a 4-acre land from Campbell place for its grounds.

1922 October 10th
The college prize giving was held under the patronage of, one the greatest poets, Ravindranath Thagore.

This year marked the visit of Mahatma Gandhi.
The college celebrated its golden jubilee.

A coach engine named after žAnanda CollegeÓ began operation this year.

A workshop for students interested woodwork, and metalwork was established.

1941 February 1st
The biological section of the college was opened.

University entrance classes began this year.

1942 April 5th
Ananda College was temporally taken over by the government after the World War II bombing by the Japanese.

1942 May
Another branch of Ananda was established in Gampaha and in Alpitiya.

(1943- 1961)
Mr. P de S Kularatne retired and Mr.A.B.Perera took over as the new principal.

1945 January
A new section for higher education of women was established in the college.

1945 November
Mr. A.B. Perera resigned and Mr. L.H Methananda took over the post of principal.

1954 January 29th
A new laboratory was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake.

1955 December
Mr. Methananda retired and Mr. S.A.Wijeyathilake became the new principal.

1956 October 10th
S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake inaugurated the Buddha Jayanthi Olcott memorial building.

The Ledbeater memorial building was opened this year.

The government took Ananda College and Mr. M.W. Karunanada became the new principal after the retirement of Mr. S.A.Wijeyathilake.


(1964 - 1978)

1964 October 4th
E.A. Perusinghe became the principal of Ananda.

1969 March
William Goppalawa opened the Ananda Vihara.

1969 May 3rd
The former vice principal G.W.Rajapakse became the next principal of Ananda College.

1970 February 22nd
A new building for Engineering was inaugurated today.

1973 November 3rd
The Broadcasting Unit of Ananda College was launched on this day.

The Kularatne Hall and the sports grounds were inaugurated.