Walter Jayawaradhana reporting from Los Angeles

(Apr 30) In a hard-hitting article in Sunday Diviana Dr Nalin De Silva of Jatika Chintanya Think Tank has criticised the shameless attempt of the President Chandrika Kumartunga to divert the debate on constitutional reforms towards federalism. She is still following the policies of Maha Jana Party.She is attempting to go against the wishes of the voters who supported the Sanadanaya. Today, the majority who voted the UFPA should get ready to defeat Chandrika's machinations.

Dr De Silva has stated that the people know the ideas of the lawyers, lecturers, who are in the advisory committee of the constitutional reforms. They are followers of federalism. These are the people who carried the package some time ago. The majority of them are blinded by the knowledge derived from the western countries and have no knowledge or understanding of the nation or the national inheritance. Their servile attitude to the west do not allow them to think of the historical truths in relation to the so called 'nation building' they talk about. They do not know that our nation was in existence from King Pandukabahaya period unlike that nation states which came into being in the 15th, 16th centuries, The biggest issue confronting Sri Lanka is the inability of Tamils and Muslims to be a part of the nation which was mainly due to the divide and rule policy followed by the colonialists.

Chandrika Kumarantunga who claims to have been educated at Sorbone has no knowledge of this historical truth, the Professor stated. She and her advisors are getting ready to snatch the expectations of masses who voted the UFPA through the NGO parasites whose education was nothing but 'vomiting' of West's ideas.

If Chandrika is attempting to exploit the mandate given by the masses as if it is her parental inheritance, it will only be a dream. Such ambitions can be realized only thorough an alliance with the UNP. If the idea is to abolish the Presidency, it can be considered. But, it should not be for her to be the prime minister in future. We know what she did and what she did not do from 1994. In the coming two years, if she cannot be a Dona Catherina for the nation, the parliament should send her home with dignity, Dr Nalin de Silva has said.