Reduced to penury, Susie plans to sell her Olympic medal
June 5, 2017
Sri Lanka’s only female Olympic medalist, Susanthika Jayasinghe, says that she will have to auction her silver medal as she is without funds to look after her two children.

Jayasinghe said the incumbent government had stopped paying her salary for working as an adviser to the Sports Ministry. She had been an advisor at the Sports Ministry for selecting and training competitors for international athletic events.

Blaming the government for not giving her recognition, Jayasinghe said she was left with no alternative but to sell the her Olympic medal to ensure the survival of her family.

"I suffered at the hands of politicians while I was running for my country. But, I was unshaken and determined to bring glory to the motherland. I have been a victim again. I worked as an advisor. Now, they have stopped my salary. I have two children. Therefore, I decided to auction my silver medal and raise funds to look after my family."

Jayasinghe won bronze in her 100m event in Sydney when she was 24 and it was upgraded to silver in 2007 when the winner and US athlete, Marion Jones, admitted to having taken performance-enhancing drugs and lost her gold.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka

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