‘Shooting of elephant unintentional’
Apr 19, 2017

The All Island Wildlife Officers’ Association has appealed the general public for pardon for the unintentional shooting of a Wild female Elephant that took place in Vavuniya.

The Chairman of the Association AMCP Attanayake expressed his regret over the death of the wild elephant.

The Chairman further stated that sole motive of the Wild Life Officers on site at the time was to rescue the elephant and her calf that had fallen into a well used for agricultural purposes.

He added that the officers had been working tirelessly from the previous night to achieve this feat.

The elephant was shot by a wild life officer, as the elephant had allegedly attempted to attack the officer in question and the backhoe he was travelling in, once rescued.

The Chairman of the Association noted that the officer in question had been transferred immediately, adding that the association would assist in all investigations conducted in this regard.

Source: NewsRadio - Sri Lanka

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