Sports officers to boycott National Sports Festival
Oct 23, 2014

The All Island Sports Officers Association (AISOA) yesterday threatened to launch tough union action if their demands were not met prior to the XL National Sports Festival which will get underway on Saturday (25) in Anuradhapura.

The AISOA, comprising 625 sports officers are primarily demanding the restructuring of their salaries according to the government circular No. 6/2006 and will refrain from working during the country’s biggest sporting event, the National Sports Festival. In addition they were also demanding that the public officers be barred from holding office as Provincial Directors of Sports and also the removal of the Director General of Sports, Ranjani Jayakody.

“These issues have been dragging for too long and we are compelled to refrain from attending the Sports Festival if our demands were met by Friday (24),” said VVR Jayalal, President of the All Island Sports Officers Association at press conference held at the Colombo City Hotel yesterday.

The AISOA charged that the Sports Ministry has failed to implement the government circular which will clear the existing anomalies in their salaries.

“Though the issue had been there since 2006, we only decided to protest in 2012. There were several discussions since 2012 with authorities but we’ve not got a firm answer,” Jayalal added.

The Association also charged that the incompetence of the present Director General of Sports Ranjani Jayakody who is facing alleged corruption charges is responsible for the current impasse.

”She can’t even prepare a proper circular which is why this has been dragging on for this long. Beside she is facing a number of allegations, including charges of corruption from the Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Sports. So we believe such individuals should not hold the important position of Director General of Sports,” he charged.

However on Tuesday Director General, Jayakody said that she hoped to sort the issue out in time for the festival. “I firmly believe these officers have got a valid grievance when it comes to their salaries. I have done everything within my powers to sort this out and I hope we would get a positive response from the Public Service Commission by Friday,” said Jayakody.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka

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