Naughy Daddy claims two kids
Jan 7, 2013
A man has claimed the paternity of two babies born on the same day, to a mother and daughter aged 20 years apart, living in the same house in Yatinuwara. The youthful-looking older woman, whose husband had allegedly left her for another a year ago, was staying with her daughter since the wayward ‘husband’ lived far away. Both women recently gave birth on the same day, to the amazement of the area residents.

Undaunted by the rumours that surrounded the bizarre event the daughter’s husband who went to the Registrar of Births to register the birth of both babies was questioned as to who the father of his mother-in-law’s baby was. The man unflinchingly requested the Registrar to record his name as the father of both babies, to the complete bewilderment of all those present.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka

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