Joint Sathyagraha to resolve education crisis
Aug 21, 2012
An action committee which had been formed by several opposition political parties including the JVP are to hold a joint Sathyagraha to force the authorities to resolve the crisis in the education sector.

Action committee which comprises UNP, Nawa Sihala Urumaya, Ruhunu Janatha Party, Federation of University Teachers and several other trade unions who met at the Parliamentary Complex yesterday decided to launch a serious of protests including a Sathya Kriya and a series of protests to educate the people on the threats posed on free education, the proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution.

Member of the Action Committee UNP MP Akila Viraj Kariyawasam told Daily Mirror that the first of the series of protests would be held on Wednesday in front of the Fort Railway Station. Meanwhile, the committee is also considering the suggestions that have been made by retired High Court Judge W. T. M. Warawewa to have a mass Sathyagraha bringing GCE (AL) students who have been affected by the Z score issue and their parents.

The action committee is expected to meet on August 24, 2012 once again to decide on other future action.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka