'No guarantee to implement Lorgat report'
Aug 17, 2012
Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) is paying International Cricket Council (ICC) Ex chief executive Haroon Lorgat US $ 100,000 (Rs. 13.5 million) to work for 25 days as a consultant on a broad spectrum of aspects and submit his findings but there is no guarantee that his observations or recommendations will be followed by the SLC, according to the SLC President Upali Dharmadasa.

“Well, reports can be given. But reports have to be vetted properly” Dharmadasa told ‘Daily Mirror’ when he was asked what action they will take based on the Lorgat report once the professional Chartered Accountant and leading businessman from South Africa submits his findings.

Dharamdasa insisted that SLC won’t blindly act on whatever Lorgat recommends but would only adopt the recommendations which the SLC Ex-co feels are appropriate.

“Any report what a person gives or an appointed committee (gives) will have to be studied properly and then take the right thing. (We have) to ask about the points or to (ask them) explain why it is so. It’s a mutual thing. We agree for (what is good for the) game of cricket.

Dharmadasa also said there was no harm in seeking foreign expertise as long as the person concerned is qualified to do the job.

“(It is) to get the right advice from the right person. I have not taken him as a foreigner. I have taken him as a person (expert) to give a report. How we progress is what matters. I don’t look at foreigners and Sri Lankans separately. Knowledge is what matters” said Dharmadasa.

Dharmadasa also asserted that it was not beyond the means of financially struggling SLC to hire a consultant at such an exorbitant salary by local standards.

“We can afford (it). I wouldn’t have given my approval for something which we can’t afford” said Dharmadasa, one of the country’s leading businessmen heading the conglomerate Nawaloka Group.

Dharmadasa told ‘Daily Mirror’ that SLC has received one million US Dollars as a grant from ICC but information now available shows that the SLC president’s statements were not true.

SLC Treasurer Nuski Mohamed revealed yesterday that the outright grant from ICC was only half a million dollars while the ICC has granted another one million US dollars as an advance to buy equipment for the ICC World T20 to be hosted by Sri Lanka next month.

“ICC has also granted us a very generous long a term loan to help SLC come out of the financial troubles. SLC financial situation has now recovered immensely and the ICC loan is only payable by 2015 which is over a long period of time” said Mohamed.

Mohamed also said that national cricketers have been paid their salaries and allowances up to the Pakistan tour. This was confirmed by Sri Lanka Cricketers Association spokesman Ken de Alwis who said player payments have been settled promptly “after a long time”.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka