FSP justifies Lankan Tamils reaching out to TN
Aug 14, 2012
The Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) yesterday justified the reason behind Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka reaching out to the Tamil Nadu politicians and other western powers by saying that if the Sinhalese people refused to talk about the rights of the Tamil citizenry it was fair by them to flock around someone who would talk about their rights.

The Propaganda Secretary of the FSP, Pubudu Jagoda made these remarks during a press briefing which was held yesterday in Colombo.

Answering a question raised by the media regarding the Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization (TESO), Jagoda said, “There is a huge problem regarding the rights of the Tamil citizenry in Sri Lanka in the areas of politics, economy, culture and social issues. For years Tamil people have not been treated equally. They have been wronged under the Standardization Act and the Sinhala Language Only Act and by many other such actions. For all of the struggles they made against these injustices and all the efforts they made to reach for democracy, they were always repulsed by violence. We have to understand that the 30 years war was a result of this. However though the war had concluded in the North, people were still disappearing. Ideologically the Tamil people are being pushed to arouse racism again due to the unsolved problems they are facing,” he added.

“We saw political parties that were within the government protesting against the TESO summit, but what they should have done was to raise this issue in parliament and to discuss it. If the Sinhalese people in our country refuse to talk about the rights of the Tamil people, it is very natural for them to flock around TN politicians.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka