Include policies not promises in the campaign: PAFFREL
Aug 8, 2012
Election monitors yesterday said provincial council election candidates had failed to present their policies to the people in their election campaigns and said presenting policies should be stipulated in the Code of Ethics issued by the Elections Department.

The Elections Department announced recently that a Code of Ethics would be provided to candidates to ensure election laws were adhered to. “Candidates often talk about promises and not their policies. But they should be talking about their policies and it is vital to include this in the Code of Ethics to have a free and fair election,” People Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) Executive Director Rohana Hettiarachchi said.

“The Code of Ethics should also include the avoidance of spending thousands of rupees for the use of liquor and lunch packets to win votes which he said was becoming a trend among some candidates,” Hettiarachchi said. He said they should not be in the possession of legal or illegal weapons.

He said that election candidates should also refrain from using race, religion and caste for their election propaganda. “We have heard that candidates have asked for people’s support because they are part of a certain religion or ethnic group. As politicians they should not use such slogans,” he said.

He said candidates should also respect elections law, refrain from using polythene or other harmful factors which could disrupt the election process. He said of these were included in the Code of Ethics and if they were adhered to by the candidates the elections would be free and fair.

The Provincial Council elections in North Central, Sabaragamuwa and Eastern provinces would take place on September 8.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka