Multiple blunders in second term test papers
July 17, 2012
A series of grave blunders are being reported in examination papers given to students at the second term tests that are being held in schools countrywide at present.

The Ceylon Teachers Service Union (CTSU) General Secretary Mahinda Jayasinghe claims a lot of students were made to undergo inconveniences as a result of the blunders in their term test papers.

Mr. Jayasinghe said Grade 10 and 11 students of the Piliyandala education zone faced complications last Friday due to multiple blunders in the Sinhala paper. “Paper I contained several multiple choice questions without a single answer to choose from. Moreover, Paper III contained inaccurate and vaguely phrased questions such as, ‘to which era does the poet Arisen Ahubudu belong to?’ and ‘name two poets who have composed poems about rain?’ to which the students could not think of specific answers to provide.

Pointing out several more such incidents, Mr. Jayasinghe claimed Grade 11 students of the Colombo education zone also faced inconveniences due to non-precise diagrams in the science and history papers and the mathematics paper also contained inaccurate questions.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka