JHU –Wijedasa debate tonight
July 10, 2012
The debate between Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) and UNP MP Wijedasa Rajapaksha, is to be aired tonight on a private Television Channel.

The JHU addressing the media yesterday said Rajapaksha evaded the earlier opportunity to engage in a constructive debate about the private members’ Bill which is to be brought into Parliament to ban monks from engaging in politics.

Meanwhile, he also alleged that the manner in which Rajapaksha sat for his Master’s degree is debatable and added that there is an ongoing inquiry by the Criminal Investigations Department about the issue. He said that he has complained of this matter to the President. He also alleged that Rajapasksha has evaded taxes.

When Rajapaksa was contacted by Daily Mirror to inquire about the allegations made by the JHU he said that he has already taken steps to initiate legal action against these claims for defamation. He noted that he was not aware of the inquiry conducted by the CID and added that he had already sent a letter of demand to provincial councilor Udaya Gammanpila claiming Rs 500 million for defaming him. “I do not see the connection between the Bill and my tax payments and educational qualifications. It is just folly if they are saying that Bhikkus have always been a part of ruling the country with laymen. Bhikkus were not part of the legislature itself but they were above laymen because their role was to advice the rulers and not to enter party politics like laymen,” Rajapaksa said.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka