Varsity non-academics harassed by UGC: IUTUF
July 7, 2012
The Inter University Trade Union Federation (IUTUF) yesterday charged that the University Grants Commission (UGC) had violated the terms of the agreement they entered into with non-academics.

It stated that the UGC was harrassing non-academics who particiapted in the strike which concluded recently. M.Senarathne, secretary of the IUTUF speaking to Daily Mirror, stated that university non-academics and the UGC had entered into an agreement when the non-academcis called off the strike June 26. “The fourth para of the agreement stated that the employer’s party will not harass the employees and will treat the employees in a fair and unbiased manner. But the non-academics who particiapted in the strike have been harassed since then” said Senarathne.

According to him on the day the university non academics returned to work, after concluding the strike, two employees from the UGC were transferred. He also said that notices were issued stating that the employees of the UGC will not be given any holidays and added that in certain universities salaries were not paid to the non academic staff.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka