Major racket busted at cement corporation
June 29, 2012
A stock of expired Cement, that had been stored at the Maligawatte Stores Complex of the Sri Lanka Cement Corporation, which was to be used as productions in court cases, had been pilfered.

Officers of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) yesterday arrested two suspects who were engaged in the act of loading 10 bags of cement from the Maligawatte store house onto a lorry. The stock of cement that had been kept past its validity date that had been taken into custody by the Consumer Affairs Authority had been pilfered in this manner.

The spokesman of the authority said that 10 bags of cement had been loaded onto a lorry that had arrived from the Makola area. At the time of the raid it was learnt that Rs 35000 had been paid as transport charges to the lorry driver. A receipt had also been issued stating the value of a bag of cement was Rs 735, the market price for a bag of cement at present. A store keeper and an individual who had issued the receipt had been arrested by the Kotahena Police. Further investigations were proceeding.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka