Katuwana incident a threat to democracy: Vasu
June 21, 2012
Supporters of Sri Lanka's main Marxist party JVP, stage a protest in Colombo on June 19 against the govt's failure to arrest those responsible for an armed attack against a party meeting.
While urging the police to arrest the suspects of the Katuwana double murder as early as possible, the Democratic Left Front (DLF) had re-iterated that the incident holds great danger and was a threat to democracy and the rule of law.

In a statement, General Secretary of the DLF, Language and National Integration Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara, said that the shooting incident which cost two persons their lives, while also causing injuries to several others at the JVP meeting held last Friday (15) at Katuwana, was a manifestation of re-emerging political terrorism. “This is undoubtedly a dangerous situation. If the statement by the JVP about the existence of eye witnesses to the incident is true, the delay in taking the suspects into custody is a serious threat to democracy and law and order,” the statement said.

Hence, the Inspector General of Police and all the relevant officers should take the responsibility of arresting and producing the perpetrators in courts as soon as possible, the statement added.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka