Crate law breakers to be fined on the spot
June 19, 2012
Co-operatives and Internal Trade Minister Johnston Fernando said yesterday that he has instructed the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) to fine traders on the spot if found not using plastic crates in transporting certain commodities.

“I have instructed the CAA to implement spot fines on traders who do not abide by the law on plastic crates,” he said.

Speaking at a press conference, held at the Ministry of Trade and Commerce yesterday, the Minister said he had come to the conclusion that it was a hassle and inconvenience for the courts as well as the traders who had been charged with this offence to visit courts in order to pay the fines. Therefore he had introduced this method of paying fines on the spot for those who did not abide by the law.

“Currently, the CAA directs traders who disregard the plastic crates law to courts. It transpires that the courts face difficulties due to the increasing number of court hearings per day regarding this issue

herefore I have requested the CAA officials to implement spot fines immediately.”He stated the CAA would continue to look into such issues and that even the government would not be above the prevailing law.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka