Divi Neguma chicks to feed malnutrition
June 14, 2012
Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa says that malnutrition and anaemia among children and mothers in low income families could be prevented if poultry and dairy farming under Divi Neguma Programme could be broad-based and expanded covering the entire low income families and estate sector.

The Divi Neguma programme has initiated another project to supply a glass of fresh milk to school children.

Under the Divi Neguma National programme a special project will be launched by the Economic Development Ministry to increase egg production in the country in order to increase the nutritional level of the people.

Accordingly, the Ministry will distribute 900,000 chicks among 90,000 Households Island wide giving each low income family the opportunity to start poultry farming.

The objective of this programme is to produce eggs for the people within their own villages and making food security at the village level and also to earn an extra income to the family by selling excess eggs, Minister Rajapaksa added.

The necessary funds will be granted by the Economic Development Ministry to purchase 10 chicks and make chicken coops for each family under this programme. As a result of these beneficiaries can use more eggs for the family and can earn some money selling surpluses products. Minister Rajapaksa stressed that providing 600,000 chicks to 60,000 households under the first stage of Divi Neguma, his ministry expects a steady increase of egg production in the country which would ultimately contribute to bring down the level of malnutrition and a boost to the food production.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka