Conmen cheat Cricketer-Politician
June 11, 2012
Two men who had been selling plated pieces of metal similar to coins on the pretext that they were part of a hoard of hidden treasure were arrested during a police raid in Gampaha.

The bogus coins were similar in size to bitter gourd seeds.

It was found that the suspects had sold the 'coins' in lots of one kilogram each for Rs.1.2 million. The victims had included film actors, cricketers and businessmen. A leading cricketer turned-politician is among those who had purchased these fake coins.

Police Headquarters said the Gampaha Division Unsolved Crimes Investigation Unit had found two kilograms of the fake coins which were known as 'Maranchi' in Sri Lanka.

The two suspects were selling the items on behalf of their boss who was from Anuradhapura and residing in a luxury house at Ja-ela. The two suspects were residents of Kirindawela and Anuradhapura.

They had told the police that they were given ten per cent of the takings by their boss. They had conducted these activities in Anuradhapura, Wellawaya, Matara and Nittambuwa, getting about in vehicles they had taken on hire.

Investigations were underway to arrest eight others involved in the racket, including the main suspect who is said to have left Ja-ela.

Police said a complaint had also been lodged by a businessman in Nittambuwa over a similar incident. The unit led by CI Y. Amarasinghe is continuing investigations under the direction of the Gampaha SP Vijitha Comasaru.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka