UNP ready to send list of nominees to PSC
May 25, 2012
UNP informed Parliament yesterday that it is ready to send its nominees to the Parliamentary Select Committee that is to be appointed to find a political solution to the national issue.

Opposition and UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said his party is ready to send its list of nominees to the select committee if the government had agreed to its agenda where the bilateral talks with the government and TNA and the select committee continue pararellly.

He recalled that the UNP had already requested the government that the deliberations at the bilateral talks should be presented to the select committee.

Mr. Wickremesinghe made this point when leader of the House Nimal Siripala De Silva said the government is ready to resume talks with the TNA if they participate in the select committee . Mr. De Silva was replying to a statement made by Mr. Wickremesinghe in the House.

The opposition leader in his statement said the select committee proceedings should begin as soon as possible as the time is running out for effective reconciliation. He said the country will have to face a hostile global situation if it fails to come up with a political solution.

He said the government should adhere to the assurances it had given that it would come up with a political solution that is based on the 13th Amendment of the constitution.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka