Z-score: Committee can't be appointed till case is over
May 16, 2012

Professor R.O. Thatil who introduced the Z-score system for the admission of A/L students to universities said yesterday he believed it would not be possible to appoint a committee to reconsider the method of calculating the Zscore till the court case on the mtter was over.

The common criteria adopted by the higher education authorities for the admission of students under the new and old syllabuses were challenged by some students and a teacher trade union in the Supreme Court.

Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayake had said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa had asked him to appoint a committee to identify the weaknesses if any in the methodology for calculating marks for the admission of students for the next academic term. Mr. Dissanayake said the names of university academics including Prof. Thatil had been sent to the President's office to decide on the composition of the proposed committee.

When asked about it, Prof. Thatil said he had not been informed of anything yet but because of the pending court case the committed must be put on hold.

"Once the ruling is given, it will take a maximum of two days for the calculation of Zscore marks. It is a computerized process," he said and added that there should not be an inordinate delay in the admission of students to universities.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka