Ranil speaking out of jealousy: Cabraal
Apr 30, 2012

In response to UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe's statement that the cost of living missile launched by Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal was even more powerful than India's Agni Missile, Mr. Cabraal said yesterday that he was not bothered by such statements.

Mr. Cabraal, in a statement, said that the Leader of the Opposition along with other opposition members had been making such statements for the last six years. "I must say that we should not be discouraged by their statements.

During the time they were in power their so called economic experts could not keep the rate of inflation below single digits, a feat we have achieved for more than 23 months. During their time the rupee value depreciated by 50 per cent. They have forgotten it now. When the present leader of the opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe was Prime Minister, he issued a circular not to make any new appointments in the public sector. State property was sold for a song and they planned to reduce the strength of the public service. These are now things of the past and the people know it pretty well. It is unavoidable that the opposition is jealous about the ongoing economic development in the country. They might think that all their dreams of coming to power again would be shattered. We can only sympathise with them and refrain from any confrontations. However it is our duty to explain the facts to the public. The iconic former leader of China Mao Tse Thung once said "Be pleased with the enemies who blame you and be careful of individuals who praise you." I as a person who believe in the Chinese leader's advice, am not concerned about the Opposition Leader's comments.

Responding to a statement by UNP MP Harsha De Silva, the CB Governor said that the Central Bank was not prepared to provide the data as the MP wants. "The responsibility of the Central Bank is to forward information gathered at professional level to the public and to the international community. If the country's economy is progressing we must not keep it a secret. Anyone can understand that the country is on the path to development. Our information is in keeping with international standards and the principles followed in the past. As such the details of per capita income and inflation are perfectly correct. Even in previous years, opposition parliamentarians including Harsha De Silva criticized the Central Bank report in this manner. They accused us of providing false information and attempted to tarnish the credibility of the report. Such attempts were baseless and unbecoming of parliamentarians. Ultimately the people would realize their childishness," he said.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka