Govt. attitude on national question disappointing: TNA
Apr 17, 2012

The lack of interest on the part of the government to resume talks on finding a lasting solution to the national question was disappointing, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) spokesman Suresh Premachandran said yesterday.

He said his party could not go forward without first arriving at a consensus with the government.

“Every time the matter comes up in local or international forums, the government keeps referring to the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC), which is a non-event. The government also blames the TNA for refusing to nominate members to the PSC. The core issue here is that if we use the PSC as a launching pad to find a durable solution to the prevailing problems, there must be an understanding between the two key partners – the government and the TNA. Until then it is a waste of time to nominate members or participate in the discussions by the TNA,” Mr. Premachandran said. He said the government must first come up with its proposals and display its genuineness on its game plan before both parties can resume talks and come to a consensus on those proposals.

Mr. Premachandran said the TNA was ready if and when the government was ready and would talk with the ultimate objective of presenting them to the PSC for final approval.

“It is as simple as that. But unfortunately, the government seems not to understand this,” he said. He added that it was most appropriate that the issues be discussed at a multinational forum for a consensus but regrettably the government had offhandedly rejected this idea.

Mr. Premachandran said it was up to the government to break the ice and open talks with the TNA with its game plan.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka