Police say no proof of abductions
Apr 16, 2012

Police are yet to establish proof of the alleged abductions of Frontline Socialist Party activists Kumar Gunaratnam and Dimuthu Attygalle.

Police spokesman Ajith Rohana told the Daily Mirror that investigations were underway into the alleged abductions “According to our investigations carried out regarding the incident so far, it has not been proved that there was an abduction” SP Rohana said.

He said the police had visited two houses and recorded statements from the inmates and owners as part of the investigation. “We are currently proceeding with the investigations into the reported incidents. During the investigations we received information about two other places in the Gampaha district, where Kumar Gunarathnam also known as Noel Mudalige had resided. Two policemen had visited these places and recorded statements from the inmates of these houses and the owners. We are in the process of clarifying the charges of abduction and this is a part of the ongoing investigations” he said. Meanwhile, Frontline Socialist Party Propaganda Secretary Pubudu Jayagoda said the police had visited certain party members’ residences in Gampaha and intimidated them.

“The Police had visited some houses of our party members in the Gampaha district and questioned them about Kumar Gunarathnam and asked if he resided in those houses. During the questioning they had intimidated these people about engaging politics with the party" he said.

Jayagoda said the party had lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and had written to the IGP this morning regarding the incident. “The policemen had said they were from the Kiribathgoda police but later on we found out that this was false. The fact that they lied is also cause for suspicion. We have lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and have written to the IGP in this regard” he said.

Responding to the charges made by the FSP who said that the Police had intimidated certain members of the party the police spokesman categorically denied any such intimidation. “There was no intimidation and we have no need to intimidate anyone. We are carrying out routine investigations into the alleged abduction and the recording of statements was a part of this” he said.

Menahwile, the FSP said yesterday Pubudu Jayagoda said the police intimidating party members in Gampaha that police questioning on the abductions of Premakumar Gunaratnam and Dimuthu Attygalle had created a stir among people who had begun spreading rumours that Gunaratnam had returned to the country from Australia.

FSP General Secretary Senadeera Gunathilaka said that police had visited his younger sister at Gunaratnam’s home town in Kegalle and residence in Gampaha as well where relatives were questioned on his whereabouts and activities that were not related to the investigation of the abduction of Premakumar Gunaratnam and Dimuthu Attygalle. He said neighbours and others too were subjected to a lot of questioning which had created a stir. “After the police questioning there was talk in Gampaha that Kumar had returned to Sri Lanka. We have asked the Kiribathgoda OIC and other senior police officials not to carry out such unnecessary questioning and not to mislead the people,” Gunathilaka said.

He said he and other FSP members were also subjected to severe questioning on where he lived, his work, what vehicles he used and other matters which he said were not entirely related to the abductions. Police had also visited Dimuthu Attygalle’s sister’s home and questioned her. Police had recently recorded a statement from Attygalle after which she had taken police officials and shown them the places where she was abducted and dropped off.

He said the FSP had been in touch with Gunaratnam and that the party would strive to work towards preventing such incidents tasking place in future as they were national problems.

Source: Daily Mirror - Sri Lanka